2023 | Py4Web | Solo | 9 months

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The Site
  • PokeRating.com is a Pokemon Fansite I developed to gather hard data on community opinion of Pokemon.
  • Users can log in to rate every Pokemon (and most significant forms) and view total rankings!
  • The site also has a daily Pokemon puzzle inspired by Wordle!
What I Did

Tech Used: Py4Web, HTML/CSS/JS, Vue.JS, SQL, Docker, AWS

  • Self-taught Full-Stack Web Development while developing the site
  • Architected database & backend using Py4Web & MySQL. Developed frontend with HTML/CSS/JS and Vue.js
  • Collaborated with a skilled graphic designer to implement appealing designs from Figma
  • Deployed the site as a Docker Container in AWS, leveraging AWS tools for email, databases, & routing
  • Designed the daily Puzzle to be accessible and engaging for even casul Pokemon fans