2021 | Phaser | Team of 3 | 1 Month

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The Game
  • Scroggin is a small, atmospheric Puzzle Platformer I developed for one of my college courses
  • The game is centered around combining Trail Mix ingredients into Magic Trail Mix powerups! There are 10 different powerups depending on ingredient combination.
  • Scroggin received a Worldbuilding Award in The 2021 UCSC Games Showcase
What I Did

Roles: Lead Designer, Programmer

  • Designed core powerup system with 10 different powerups, and programmed the Powerup controller.
  • Programmed Animation Controller, and TileMap Integration
  • Designed 4 of the levels, including the First Two levels meant to introduce players to the mechanics.
  • Collaborated with artist Daniel Aughenbaugh, and programmer Dennis Zabluda to complete the project!