2022 | Unity | Team of 11 | 6 Months

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The Game
  • Spelldeck Smackdown is a multiplayer arena game where 2 to 5 wizards can compete to cast a flurry of powerful spells to defeat the others!
  • The game features 4 different decks to select from, each with 8 unique & flashy spells. Host a lobby and get your friends in to play quick matches to determine the most skilled wizard!
What I Did

Roles: Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer

  • Designed core spellcasting, scripting, and combat systems, and developed a prototype in Unity implemented those systems.
  • Pitched that Prototype to my classmates to recruit a team of 10 to develop the game.
  • Developed a production plan, and distributed responsibilities to match the team’s skills & interests.
  • Managed the execution, tracking progress and adapting plans to solve problems on a weekly basis.
  • Lead Programmer, managing Github, and working closely on Networking, Functions, and Debugging