Mission Cont-Roll is a card game I made for my class, Visual Communication and Interaction Design.
The class was focused on how visual designs communicate information and theme, and had every student making (and printing) their own card game over the course of 10 weeks.
I made it a goal for myself to design a singleplayer card game, and I spent a lot of time playtesting and balancing the cards and rules. The game underwent several major revisions, even up until the end.
The Asset creation side of the class was much more out of my comfort zone, but I learned some Adobe Illustrator and spent some time developing a visual style that was both thematically appropriate, and within my capabilities.
Moreover, we had to turn in a physical version of our game, and through that I learned a lot about formatting assets for print orders & assembly.
This page has an image gallery of the rulebook, and a gallery showcasing the full deck of 48 Rocket Part Cards. And Right Here you can find a video demo of me playing the game.