• Arrow Keys to move
  • X to discard star
  • M to (un)mute Music
  • Hold Space to return to Menu
  • Goal: Collect 5 colored stars and turn in at matching boxes
  • About

    BrodyHalls is a game I made on my own time as a technical exercise, purely to practice my programming skills.

    Programmed in Phaser, the gameplay is a recreation of the Endless Halls puzzle from World of Warcraft, and the presentation is part recreation of absurdist music video BrodyQuest, and part crude programmer art.

    The end result is a cute joke which only I will ever find funny, but also a product that I feel I learned a lot making, and am proud of several elements within.

    The seeded algorithm which generates a graph representing the maze is deeply complex, but exactly matches the criteria for the original puzzle, and will always generate solvable, complete mazes.

    Properly mirroring the music video, Brody's legless torso is fixed to the bottom edge of the screen, so I had to cleverly work around this constraint to implement the front-end exploration in a way that makes visual sense.

    And, for flair, I cut up the original song into several smaller bits that smoothly loop, and dynamically progress through these loops as the player makes progress in the maze.

    For one of my first projects in Phaser, which I completed in under two weeks, I remain proud of it's complete form, and hope you enjoy it!